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16 Wardrobe Staples That Will Save You Money

16 Wardrobe Staples That Will Save You Money

When I first graduated from college, clothes were the first thing I upgraded in my life. I knew shopping at the same stores I did throughout college wouldn’t pass the test.

Do yourself a favor and shop for some quality clothes, clothes you wouldn’t wear to a nightclub and you might still have in your closet years later. But, don’t think of this as a free pass to have a total makeover and give your credit card a work out. For now, leave the low quality rating to the beer and get some high-quality wardrobe staples. The keyword here is staples, not wardrobe.

You’ll benefit from this list I put together to help get you started. After years of dressing for the professional world, I’ve noticed these are the items I find myself constantly reaching for in the morning when I’m struggling to get out of bed:

  • A Black Blazer

  • 2 pairs of heels (one black, one fun color or pattern)

  • 1 skirt

  • 2 pairs of flats (one nude and one black)

  • 2 pairs of comfortable, but appropriate dress slacks (one black and one in another color)

  • 3 blouses

  • 2 cardigans (black, gray, or cream)

  • 1 dress (LBD is always a good choice)

  • 2 pairs of work appropriate jeans (many workplaces have casual dress now)

With this list of wardrobe basics, you’ll have enough options to make multiple outfits for weeks without breaking your budget. For example:

1.) Blouse + skirt + heels (fun color)

2.) Dark jeans + blouse + cardigan + flats

3.) Dress + heels

See? Who said math couldn’t be fun! And just like your taste for cheap beer, this wouldn’t last forever. As you continue to earn money and get closer to becoming debt-free, fill in the gaps with non-essentials and accessaries to add your own flair.

By only buying the essentials now, it will give you time to determine what your really need so you’re not wasting money on items you’ll never wear. Just hang on to that college mindset for a couple years, and after your debt is paid off you can finally let that mindset go (along with the cheap drinks!).

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