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If you were gifted debt along with your diploma, and are afraid of what comes after "the best four years of your life", this book is for you. I've been there, and just like finals week, I survived (by repaying $30K in 3 years instead of 20). And you will, too. 

Life after college doesn't have to be intimidating. Let me be your translator for the important stuff so you can focus on the perks of your new life. I'll cut through the complicated so you can understand your government student loan and have a practical plan to pay it off quickly, (because no one wants to be celebrating their 40th birthday and still making payments on their loan). 

"As a recent college grad, this book became my survival guide. This entertaining read became my go-to source while navigating the crazy world that awaits postgrad. Angela answered the questions I was afraid to ask and gave me advice before I even knew I would need it. She became like the big sister I never had and instilled me with a sense of confidence in not only the way I manage my money, but also in my future." (Caitlin, class of 2017).